Monday, October 20, 2008

Questions for Lathrop candidates

The following are our questions for Lathrop's candidates, both mayor and city council. Any candidate interested in answering can email the answers to and we'll publish your statements as we receive them.

1. What are the biggest problems facing Lathrop today and what do you suggest to fix those problems?

2. Do you think Lathrop is "business friendly?" What do you think the city should do to attract new businesses?

3. What do you think is the biggest mistake or mistakes the current city council has made in the past several years and what would you have done differently?

4. If you are elected to the city council, is there any law or ordinance you would like to see repealed? Is there any new law or ordinance you would like to see enacted?

5. Who is your favorite economist?

6. What is your favorite book?

7. What is your favorite movie?


  1. 1. Kristy Sayles, Elect Robert Oliver.

    2. Yes and No. Business Licenses are not required for businesses thats good.

    3. Voting for the City Manager.

    4. I would want all candidates to have at least a BA or higher degree, preferably in Business Administration.

    5. Charlie Brown

    6. Bible

    7. Swingers

  2. Is this responses supposed to help VOTERS make an informed decision. I think, in that case, I will vote for the candidate I know something about rather than one I don't. Thanks for help in making a decision.