Saturday, September 18, 2010

The power of one, part II

Now we see the real power of one, finally.  Here in this video clip.

This occurred after the harassment at my seat in the back for roughly 5 minutes, the “guy” chasing me around causing a disturbance and after I asked for simple clarification “Am I allowed to film here, yes or no?”  Which no one would answer.  (Except “the guy” who had no authority to be harassing me and telling me not to film.) 

Notice after all this, now a 2nd Harmer staffer is stepping in front of me.  The original guy hasn’t given up, and now also Sara Blicharz is moving in front of me to obstruct and interfere with me.  That’s at least three “after me” not including another nondescript fellow moving around the place with some urgency.

Now, in this video we pick up as the 2nd Harmer staff, the first harassing guy and Sara Blicharz attack.  At this point, one courageous citizen has the guts to stand up and ask the obvious:

Why are you bothering this guy?  Everyone else is filming; there’s a fellow filming right there (points to the center) who’s been sitting there filming the whole time….

He didn’t get much of an answer; but the question was enough. 

And guess what, the harassment stopped.    This ended the incident for practical purposes.  Suddenly no one cared what I did or where I sat, no one bothered me.  This is after telling the harasser didn’t work; telling the Harmer team didn’t work.  Talking to Blicharz didn’t work.  The power of one man’s objection was the only thing that meant anything.

Note the calm at the end of the video.  hmm.

By the way, I’m sorry for so many “guys” in this story and so few names.   I count “guy1 thru guy4” And I think I do know the guy who stood up for me he was familiar, but I just can’t be sure the video is unclear.  But I’ll be sure to thank him when I see him next.

Oh, and just to answer one more question I’ve been asked why didn’t you simply ask if it was ok or not.  Well, I did.  Here.  Note how Blicharz carefully considers my question, fully investigates my complaint, and politely explains….  (cough)

This clip is just a minute prior to the above clip.  I’ll… just let it speak for itself.  Viewer discretion is advised, due to it’s content, this video is not suitable for viewing.  By anyone:

Previously, part I here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The power of one, part I

This is simply an accounting of the events of Sep 14, 2010, at the Meeting of the South San Joaquin Republicans.

The Manteca Bulletin, at first, reported that for some inexplicable reason, some madman just got up and disrupted the meeting.  It was only after I demanded the correct story be told that the Bulletin re-wrote their accounting of events.  Maybe I’m just sensitive, but there’s something about being called a “meeting disrupter” that bothered me.  I went to the meeting just to hear and support my candidates in peace; I brought a camcorder because it might be interesting, I guess, I really didn’t have any reason.  But there were dozens of both still and video cameras going in that room. 

I know this is a boring accounting but here it is.  By the way no one now disputes this what really occurred so I don’t know why I bother, but just for the record:

Image9503  About an hour into the meeting, I’ve been sitting there filming whatever I thought might be interesting.  I’ve been filming for 31 minutes, 22 seconds when some guy sits down next to me and tells me he’s going to ask me to leave if I don’t stop filming.  I pointed out the obvious (I’m invited, the leader of the meeting knows I’m filming and never complained, everyone else is filming, etc..  So I’m confused and just “thanked him” for letting me know.)  But continued filming on and off, just as I did for all the other candidates there.

Image9509Note I’m clearly in the back of the room, in a chair, minding my own business.  The “harassment” from this “guy” has been going on for 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

Image9517 So I get up and move from the back, and this guy gets up to follow me.  This is at :36 minutes, 00 sec.

Image9519 He followed close.  Only 4 seconds to catch me.


Image9522 trying to block my view, and you can see, again, I’m still at the back of the room.

 Image9525I’m moving toward the front now, a look back – see who’s following me?  And who else?Image9526 Image9527At the front, but even here, note I’m on the left front, not directly in front of the speaker.

Image9528 But I’m “pushed” closer to the center.

Image9530 Now someone is on the move, see the figure in the rear right?  (under the “2” in 0:37:02)

Image9532 We have our little dispute.  Some words are said.  You don’t have to lecture me, I know there are always better ways to handle things; but cut me a break, I’m being harassed here!

Image9546 So now I’ve moved to the back again.  Now a 2nd guy starts jumping in my way, blocking my view.

 Image9551 Now the same guy hasn’t given up! 

Image9552He’s still harassing me.  And wait a sec, who’s that other body on the right that’s stepped in front of me?

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