Sunday, October 19, 2008

No candidate debate forum for Lathrop

The Sun Post and the League of Women Voters held a debate forum for Manteca city council candidates on Thursday, October 16, at the council chambers at city hall. We asked the Sun Post if they were planning to hold a similar forum for Lathrop candidates and were surprised at the answer. They said that last year they approached Lathrop to hold a debate forum and were told that they could do it if they paid the city $500 for use of the council chamber. Because this is a public service and Manteca never charges them, they decided not to sponsor a debate for Lathrop.

I think it's odd that Lathrop would ask for money to do something so beneficial for their citizens. You can learn a lot about candidates by listening to them speak and answer questions. You get a feel for who they are and why they want to serve in an elected office. It's a pity that Lathrop residents won't get to have that experience. If I lived in Lathrop, I'd be kind of angry about that.

Because there won't be a live debate for Lathrop candidates and because some of the candidates have asked to be interviewed by Manteca Live, we've come up with a questionnaire for the candidates and if any of them answer, we'll publish their statements here.

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