Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mob with torches includes candidates

Seems like Manteca Live! is ruffling some feathers among those participating in the defamation website devoted to destroying Mayor Kristy Sayles and her family. I'd like to thank "John Doe," whoever he is, for giving some intelligent and educated information about what constitutes libel and defamation under the law. Somehow, I don't think the "ignorant villagers" believe it.

We've got anonymous posters calling child protective services, the grand jury, the DA's office and the contractors state license board to make complaints based on gossip and hearsay on the internet. For all the big talk about "documents" and "I have proof!" what we really have is a small group of people trading 4th and 5th hand stories. Most of those posting use pseudonyms so no one really knows who they are; for all we know they could be the same few people using different aliases. Makes it look like "everyone in town" is in on it.

What about the mayor's "conviction" you say? Well, first of all I'd say that unless you know first hand what happened with the bounced check and the circumstances (which none of them do if they're honest about it), then you don't know the whole story. Secondly, it looks like the check was written in 1993. Kristy Sayles would have been, what? about 20 years old? In any case, it was 15 years ago, she didn't make any attempt to hide it and it doesn't prevent her from getting a day care license or running for office.

Because of the seriousness of the accusations and defamatory statements made on the viral website, I think it becomes more important every day that the people of Lathrop know where the candidates stand. So far, those on the ballot who have posted on the site are: John Rock and Robert Oliver, candidates for mayor (Oliver is also a current city councilman); and Rosalinda Valencia, city council candidate. Current incumbent councilman Steve Dresser who is up for re-election, hasn't posted under his name but his wife Joyce has.

As for the candidates posting under their real names, at least Valencia is honest about it and isn't saying anything on the website that she hasn't voiced in public (not that that excuses her). John Rock originally claimed to feel sympathy for the mayor and suggested she take time off from politics and encourage her supporters to vote for him. This week he's become the site's welcome wagon, addressing posters individually by name and saying things like "To ALL of you posting on this web site I say: Good Job" and "this webmaster is quite an honorable person." That made me raise my eyebrows a bit. Does he know the "webmaster" personally? Are they friends?

John Rock also posted this, "Because I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer you can be 100% guaranteed that I shall support an investigation into any illegal Civil or Criminal action conducted by any accused City Staff Member or past current City Council Member." Does that mean if you elect him mayor, that he'll make sure Mayor Sayles is thrown in jail where she obviously belongs?

The chief villager calling on everyone to burn the witch is still Laura Thimler. Though not currently running for any office, she claims to be good friends with some of the developers (like the Dell'Osso family) and defends them fiercely when anyone suggests that developers perhaps had a part in Lathrop's problems, whatever those problems are.

Lots to think about, Lathrop. Good luck!


  1. Before you start hurling defamatory statements claiming the website is defamation be careful. You just may find yourself on the other end of a defamation action.

    Let me guess you know the facts as they've been reported to you by Kristy. Read (assuming you can read) the Court documents and talk to the DA's office and ask yourself why so many warrants for failure to appear. Seriously would you let all that go by the wayside? Why get married with a fake name, fake DOB, fake father, fake birthplace. You really are IGNORANT to Truth and Reality. Keep drinking your kool-aid and btw how is Manteca doing? Your site still is about Manteca right? I think this site is in bed with the Bulletin.

  2. Thank you for your comments, though I don't think Dennis Wyatt would be too happy that anyone thinks this blog is "in bed with" the Manteca Bulletin.

    Lathrop is our close neighbor and what happens there often affects what happens in Manteca and vice versa as they do share a school district and some vital services.

    We'll be covering the Manteca elections too, though so far the candidates have been pretty quiet. When there's something to blog about, we'll be on it.

  3. Well then we have a common dislike for the Bulletin. At least we have one thing in common.

  4. To convicted;
    Here is some information you might find interesting instead of listening to Laura Thimler pervert the truth. She should know the truth because the Mayor's Uncle lives with her or should I say she lives with him, so there is no excuse for the misrepresentation by Thimler.
    Kristy Sayles was born to Gary Rees and Robyn McKee. Kristy was given the name Edwards, Robyn's new name resulting from a marriage to Ron Edwards when Gary ran off to Texas with a girlfriend. Mayor Sayles never knew her father until she was introduced at 13 yrs of age. Steve McKee knows this as does Laura. Robyn gave her Ron's name when she entered kindergarten.
    As to the fake date of birth, did you ever hear of a sixteen year old girl not tell the truth about her age in order to get married? Are you that dumb?
    As to her birthplace, her mother's doctor lived in Oakdale, when it was time to give birth, there was no hospital in Lathrop, and guess what, Robyn went to where her doctor was. Mayor Sayles never knew any other home as an infant other than the home at Manthey in addition to her grandfather's home (Bob Mckee). What is sad is the outright lies told by Laura McKee and the sick people who happen to be Mayor Sayles' political opponents.
    I can understand your ignorance of the truth, what I don't understand is your willingness and apparent practice to believe untruths.
    The question I have for you is this: What did Mayor Sayles' marriage almost fifteen years ago have to do with politics in Lathrop now? Swimming in the sewer is not a good occupation, I suggest not doing it.
    Citizen Lathrop

  5. Dear Mr. John Rock,
    I ask you this question, it has become known that you had your child at the Sayles home on and off for almost two years up until this past August for the last time. You have suggested that Kristy stay home and take care of her family. It is my understanding that is why she runs a day care, to do just that, anyway that is what she gives as a reason for being in that particular business.
    The question one should ask is this, if you are retired, why has Mayor Sayles been asked by you to care for your child? Maybe it is because you trusted her, maybe because your child was treated very well, maybe because she has a good reputation in the business.
    As to the "webmaster" or J.D. Maurer being honorable, for a retired police officer your criteria for honor is lacking. Maybe you should ask him why he lied to the Sun Post until they showed him the evidence?
    His website is an exercise is half truths, outright lies, misrepresentations, and is a disgusting example of how debased someone will become when wanting "new business" in his words.

  6. I question the "honor" of any candidate for public office that would participate in that kind of malicious web site.

  7. I am unable to keep track of all of these anonymous folks. If you have a question for me, gosh, write to me directly. You can still copy and post it here if you feel it fires your political jet. My e-mail is:

    To the anonymous writer on this segment of data. I responded to another anonymous person, possibly you, in the story titled: Mayor Sayles responds to accusations.

    But before I copy and paste that data let me say one more thing. Yes, I am John Rock, Running for Mayor of Lathrop and, I am not nor shall I ever, slander Kristy or any candidate.Kristy is not a bad person. I don't feel that Dan Mac Nielege rambles, I understand him and others who have unique writing skills.
    I must also say something to the legal seats. If you desire as I do, to encourage new people to enter politics, please quit scaring the pants off of folks with subjects of I sue you or, this phrase is taboo and libel.Many folks should just chill out and pick a candidate they like and support him/her.
    I do understand there are some folks with a mean spirit and/or, a need for power.I pray I shall never stoop to such levels and I'll never do it for a political office job.
    One last comment. In the pictures that Manteca Live took of me while I was at a flood control meeting I ask, does that shirt make me look fat?

    In the story titled: Mayor Sayles responds to accusations
    John Rock said...
    This dialogue is good even if you disagree with the free flow of peoples personal thoughts. Please check yourself before making an accusation towards another person. Hence, claiming that I have criticized Kristy. I disagree with how Kristy does work for the City of Lathrop. To disagree and to offer to voters my experience, my views for what I will do for Lathrop is a normal course of any political campaign. The items discussed on the other web page make me very displeased. Frankly speaking, it would be improper for me to write there or here in the style as you have. I must, as a friend, a candidate and a public servant, allow people to express their views without becoming angered. These are the true qualities I look for in a political candidate. I wrote my first comment to the Manteca Bulletin when Kristy had the elderly lady removed from City Hall by Law Enforcement. I disagreed with Kristy then and now about such behaviors.
    I will agree with you on many points you made. Insofar as me investigating the past and current actions in City Hall once I am Mayor, yes indeed, I certainly shall. I would be terribly remorseful and possibly negligent if I occupied the Office of Mayor and did nothing to examine any lingering liability the City could face based on an array of past actions, contracts or agreements. Hear me loud and clear, if I needed a babysitter for my daughter tomorrow, I would not fear to have Kristy care for her. Kristy has done many things I suppose that I or many of us may not have if even a small percentage of what is on the other web page is correct on. However, I know Kristy and she is not a monster, not many negative things others try to portray her as. I helped get Kristy elected and that may have been a dishonor to a friend. I did not know many things such as education, past marriages and so on. Just like most of us when we vote and or support a candidate, we haven’t asked the hard and deep personal questions we really should have asked. It is not what we as a society does. I would never have forecasted how she would change once she had what she felt was power. For a couple of years now I have asked Kristy to have coffee in a public place so I can help her with some decision making processes. Kristy has never called and it saddens me to see her circling her wagons for an attack and I’m not her enemy. I am only an opposing candidate. I feel the job as Mayor was simply to taxing for her but with the tools she does have, she has done the best she can. When I say tools, I mean experiences in the workforce holding a professional position. How could any person who has never been a Union member really understand what a Union representative is speaking about?
    Even after my wife and I walked the streets to support Kristy and she was elected, we never received a thank you card. It is my belief that we have two Kristie’s. One is the day care provider that many of us knows and trusts. The other is a person in what sure seems like turmoil.
    If I am guilty as a friend for getting her elected and now see the change in her plus the turmoil, I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I didn’t take the initiative and step in and give that person a time out.
    I will agree with you solidly on another point. I doubt Mr. Oliver is without past wrongful actions. I respect him and the others on the Council and I shall not bash them. Doing so is not professional. However, it is ok to agree to disagree just as you have with your post here. You think the other web page is bad. I actually felt the first time I read it that it was paid for by Mr. Oliver however, I seriously doubt this is the case.
    That web master is doing what he feels is appropriate, just as you do: anonymously.
    I felt at first that Oliver paid for the web page and investigation because of the data so quickly posted. Only Oliver, and the others would know such things. Just think, Kristy was my Babysitter and I knew none of this. All I ever knew was my child was happy with Kristy and said Tom yelled far too much. I have arrested many men but never for yelling.
    So where do we draw the line when an election is approaching? Do we keep bashing Kristy and contend that with me being in the election draws votes from Oliver and helps Kristy? People can wrap themselves around a barbed wire fence post if they only allow emotions to steer them. You offered data, I offer data, this and the other web page offers data and the readers can make their own decision. I have faith in people. Think of when have you ever seen a candidate TRY to do what I am trying to do? I am running a campaign with NO money from any person or group. When I am sworn in, I shall have no need to remember who gave me money or who I had asked and they turned me down.
    I enter the Office with a clean and pure slate armed with God, my Family, professional experience and Morals to guide me.
    I would vote for any such candidate because that candidate has shown me he/she cares about the job, not the power (Remember Mr. Oliver just won an election and is already on the City Council. Now he wants to be Mayor after only a few months) and a candidate such as I, seeks and encourages voices such as yours. For without a voice from the public, how can a leader do as the public wishes?
    All of you I hope shall seriously consider running for an office in your City in the future. Don’t worry about people posting a negative this or that. A free and open society has open dialogues and good debates. Yes, that is what makes America great.
    John Rock

    9/28/08 5:33 PM

    And today on the web page I posted this:
    --------------------- The below was posted today ------------------
    I am from Law Enforcement and have spent decades helping and working in our communities. I am running for Mayor in the City of Lathrop however, I am conducting a very unusual campaign. I decided that here locally, the best thing I can do for the community and every person is to show them that any person can run for a top political office even if they do not have money. I want and I feel our communities everywhere needs the involvement of people in our governmental processes. I have made it clear I am not asking for donations of money from any person or entity. I could have accepted such offered donations but that would have undermined what I am trying to accomplish. I want to win and then bring this win to the attention of every person that THEY can do this also. You, I and the communities we all live in are tried of just the wealthy few winning elections. Why couldn’t just one of us in any town win just because THE PEOPLE rose to support that person?

    For the most part, this is hard because for a good average person to be heard, seen and judged by voters, that person must not only walk the streets meeting people but also have a great deal of money so they can get their word out and be known.

    I can’t stoop to taking money just so that I win.

    I need to show every Mother, Father, Person here in Lathrop that they too can win an election just by trying and, having the peoples best interest in their heart and not a greedy desire to make money later off the backs of citizens.

    I have asked on numerous occasions that the Lathrop City Council adopt a policy to bring in small Hispanic owned businesses and small women owned businesses into “Everyday” contract work. Their response makes me upset because they have only done so to the level they are required to do so under State and Federal contracts. To me, this is a dishonor to everyone. The City only needs to have a DBE program for State and Federal work. I want such a policy for ALL contracted jobs.

    I have respect for the cultural diversity in our community. If Lathrop has a current tendency to not hire union member or keep the staff they have and instead, contract out everything to consulting businesses in other cities, why not revolt against such behaviors and ask that local talent be used? Why not have a city policy that denotes local businesses get’s the first opportunity for a Lathrop contract? And why not have such a policy drafted because WE want it? These ideas of mine go far beyond what is “Required by Law” and would make Lathrop shine brightly in the region as a place to locate your small business. This brings me in a complete circle because I seek to encourage others who would never have contemplated entering politics to do so in the next election. If YOU would like to take over my job as Mayor in the next election, I shall help YOU to succeed me. However, I really want a new comer to politics and not an elected over and over person.

    We need average folks in our Government. Please help me accomplish some of these feats.

    And Jenny, you shall be surprised as to who is taking money from Developers.

    Even Jesse James knew the Train was carrying all of the big business money J


    John Rock, Candidate for Mayor, City of Lathrop

    PS: Jenny, there are two candidates in this race who are liked quite well. One is said to take forever to fully understand an issue and the other is said to just never MAKE a decision. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

  8. I just wanted to say something about why Mrs. Sayles runs a daycare I for one can honestly say it doesn't seem to be home with her children because her children go to kids club for child care at Valverde park. you can check it's a matter of public record. I questioned this to her a couple of times and was told by Tom it was none of my business. So I left it alone I just thought it was odd how she seems to play these children like pawns. Now get me straight I just want the right person for the seat an honest person. I think we should be able to ask any question of any person holding an elected seat or running for one. I asked Mr. Oliver a question the other day and could not get a yes or a no makes me wonder why these people seem not want just answer a straight question with a straight answer. I just hope that the people of Lathrop know I am about as open as it gets I engouage any question from any citizen at anytime. That is why I posted my number on the other site. I will not try to answer a questions with double talk or use omisssions as Mayor Sayles as become so good at. Ask her why she never graduated high school see if she answers and then decide if you still feel she is a good role modle? As for Chaka he's Chaka not much I can say. Mr. Rock I don't really know him well enough to comment other than his daughter ran track with my son. Oliver I told you already. I want to say yes it is true that anything I have written on either website has been things that I have said publically and to the person's face. I contact them directly as I did with Kristy after the postings of the restraining order and told her mother to mother my thoughts you can even ask her if this is true. She told me I could help her by telling what else others are planing to do. I told her I didn't care about what they do or do notdo I called her because of my concern for her Children and becasue God placed it on my heart to call her and give her some motherly advice from the heart.(yes from the heart) after all we all have to live together and her children are just that children and all of us can use a differnt point of view at times. she chose not to take my advice that all we can do sometimes I guess is reach out a hand we can make them grabb on and help themselves. I just thought I would take a minute to let people know what I know and what took place between kristy and I during our conversation.



    PS: I will always be honest and upfront that is my promise to all in Lathrop and everywhere else because without our good name what do we have really?

  9. Is convicted, the WEB MASTER that decided to block me if so I would love a response. Especially, since I now know you are afraid of what I might say. I feel so POWERFUL now, I've never been blocked from any thing before.