Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“Woo” businesses? Start by treating current business properly.

Lathrop is attempting to “woo” business?  The new slogan should be: Come to Lathrop, spend all your life savings investing in a business.  Don’t worry, it’s safe because we probably won’t just wake up one day and decide to crush your business like we did to the mobile food vendors.

Lathrop wants to woo businesses in earnest

p.s Oh I forgot to add that former Lathrop Mayor Gloryanna Rhodes wins the “I’m living in a parallel universe” award for this statement:

“Everything in Manteca today was projected for Lathrop. Stockton is booming. Tracy is bringing people in.”

When she uttered the words “Stockon is booming!” a shaft of light shown down and she was quickly beamed up to the mothership.

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  1. Dear Citizens,
    Here are some solutions:
    Get Matt Browne back so he can have projects started without fees and permits. They will love that. Who needs permit fees? Not the City of Lathrop! Next, have Matt Browne undercharge for fees and permits as he has during his tenure to the tune of $750,000 and shove that under the carpet.
    Next, get Chaka Santos involved, he opened businesses in Manteca and then Ripon, and when he had the oppportunity to open a restaurant in Lathrop, he turned it down. Apparently, his job development is only for other cities, not Lathrop. Of course, now that he is running for office, his dog and pony show is all about bringing jobs to our fair city. He would do better by leaving his goon squad outside of city hall.