Sunday, July 12, 2009

Search for Lathrop man reaches into Stockton

This is an odd story. Maybe it’s too early to criticize and I don’t know all the facts but based only on what’s reported, I have some questions:

  • Aren’t the police trained to recognize and distinguish between medical conditions and intoxication? And don’t they have that duty?
  • Does this mean every person with diabetes or epilepsy or a head injury or a variety of other conditions is now in danger of being scooped up by the police at any time and thrown into a cell with without proper medical attention?
  • The Sheriff returned the dog safely to his home, but not the man; then dumped him onto the street, barefoot and disoriented miles from home without so much as notifying someone to get him?
  • And a question for the family: When the deputies arrived that night and delivered the dog, and presumably reported the man was “being held” for “intoxication” did someone say anything or report his medical condition to the deputies?

jeremyLumI’ll be keeping an eye out for Mr. Lum and I hope you will too. Here is a picture from the Manteca Bulletin along with information. See the link below for more:

Anyone with information on Lum may call his aunt Connie Perez’ cell phone at (209) 606-8198 or call his dad Jerry at (209) 915- 2371 or call 911. Lum is 6-foot-2 inches and weighs about 160 pounds.

Search for Lathrop man reaches into Stockton

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