Friday, March 20, 2009

Correction: rumor Lathrop mayor attacked by wild chimpanzee false.

Correction: The previous article ( Mayor Sayles attacked by pack of wild chimpanzees at council meeting, Manteca Live Mar 17, 2009) was found to be in error and has been removed. We regret the error.

After wildlife biologists examined still frames from the council meeting video, it was determined that the attackers were not a pack of wild chimpanzees but were former mayoral office seekers known as The League of Extraordinary Candidates whose super powers, when combined, can mimic political attack.

And instead of reading "the mayors body was dismembered and pieces shipped to Oakdale, Stockton, 'Alpine County' and Washington D.C." the sentence should read "The mayor was unharmed in the attack and will be travelling to represent the city's interests in Washington D.C."
We regret any inconvenience the error may have caused.


  1. ha ha ha haaa hhhaaa ha ha haaaa haaa hhaaa!
    I love it!
    Kristy Sayles


  3. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  4. American Zero....
    I will deal with you the way men deal with punks that run their mouths like you.....I have attempted to show you respect....even if I did not agree with your position or politics, I have been respectful towards you......I do not hide behind monikers......screen names....the Mayors dress or otherwise......Now you will experience my rath little man........I thought the mayor already had a, YOU TOO Joe?
    Dan Mac Neilage
    Lets see if you have the intestinal fortitude to keep this posted.....And you DO NOT have my permission to use, or post my picture....not now...not EVER

  5. And Jackie......BITE ME.....REAL friends do not lie to each other...If you had any you would know that!.and when lying occurs.....they are no longer friends unless lying is an acceptable way to treat each drug addicts...trailer park pals...and sick little cyber buddies treat each other.......
    Dan Mac Neilage

  6. Thank you for your comments.

    Sounds like someone isn't getting their soup ration.

  7. Dear Mr. Mac Neilage or anonymous et al:

    These people were never the Mayor's friends. Specifically, Ms. Rosalina Valencia who had to be spoken to about her overzealous interest in where our children went to school and her apparent belief this was her business. Not to mention the fact that her recent criticism of the Mayor's efforts to find money in Washington for the benefit of Lathrop was two faced, to wit: Valencia spoke of using the internet and phone to persuade legislators instead of face to face talks. I wonder why Ms. Valencia did not have this in mind when she filed false claims to the grand jury and the FPPC two years ago. Why didn't Ms. Valencia use the phone and internet to find that more than one business can occupy the same building but I fear this is above her I.Q. level so let's waste time and money. Not to mention her ignorance of the law. It is unfortunate that some do not engage the brain before opening the mouth but in this country they(she) has the constitutional right.
    As for you Dan Mac Neilage, shooting yourself in the foot and diarrea of the mouth are your best sports. I have had the pleasure of reading your comments, too bad good research and the truth are not part of your vocabulary. I suspect they are contagious and given your close proximity to Chaka and Rosalinda I can understand the pathology. (Rosalinda you may need to look that word up in the dictionary, in fact do you know what one of those is, ie: dictionary?)
    And for the record, if you (they) were friends at one time, their behavior proved them false friends who would engage in inuendo, false statements, slander, libel, and personal attacks for what gain? Political gain?, public office? Remember your close friend the internet wizard who was found to have committed civil racketeering? The only really scary thought is that these (you) individuals could be elected to public office. As for me, they proved they weren't friends and by the way how can you speak for me, as to who my friends are? I have, for the most part stayed away from public comments and the council chambers due to the fact that my wife can handle herself even when there is a pack of rabid dogs about, they travel in threes. The only thing these three are good at is chewing, biting, tearing, knashing of teeth, growling, defecating, and fleas eg: sleeping dogs.
    Tom Sayles

  8. Tom.......Chaka was a good enough friend to borrow several thousand dollars off of, I am quite positive you had a completely different tone and attitude when you had your hand out.....

  9. Chaka is waiting to get paid back; When will that be Tom?

  10. Dan Mac Neilage,
    Rumor has it that you have purchased the defunct Heidi's in Lathrop. Which developer gave/loaned you the money? Anyone want to guess?
    Is this the same one (developer) the developer had a hand in causing them to go under?
    Maybe you could excercise some transparency for the public seeing how you are on the planning commission and may vote on issues affecting said developer.
    Maybe we should call the "webmaster of ill repute" and have him investigate you.

  11. ..........THANKS FOR THE PLUG.....THE NEW NAME IS BIG DANS NEIGHBORHOOD DINER!.....sounds awesome dont you think?.......Pretty cool though.....even after the landlord gave Heidis 8 months of free rent to get them started and they ran out on a lease balance of 1.2 million....and they are still willing to take a chance on a new tennant......WOW....what great folks!
    Dan mac Neilage