Sunday, February 01, 2009

City plans value Independence Day

Every year we fight over the 4th of July celebration and costs. This year city officials are really thinking outside the box and have decided that we can get a real bargain if we beat the rush and have it on the 3rd of July!

The proposed improvements:
  • Hold event on 3rd because we can't afford the overtime for the police and fire people. (That's what the report says -- and considering what those people are paid I believe it)
  • Use "community entertainers" instead of "professionals." I'm afraid to think of what this means.
  • Charge a "nominal" fee of $2 adult and $1 child ($6 for a family of four.) This part is being "considered" so you may want to express your opinion to the mayor and council at Tuesday's meeting.
  • Zambelli Fireworks Internationale is cutting us a real bargain on a spectacular 18-20 min fireworks display. Only $16,000 on the 3rd of July.
  • Charge vendors a "nominal" $100.
  • Charge an additional "token" fee of $2 for each child for the kids activities.
By the way, those words "nominal" and "token" fees aren't my words, that's what the planning staff is calling it. I had to read if it a few times, they aren't saying to buy "a token" they are using the word meaning "trivial." See item A.9.

How is it a little city like Lathrop is able to hold an Independence Day celebration, on Independence Day, where everyone is invited free and you even get a hot dog just for showing up? But Manteca can't hold the event at the $29 milion "Big League Dreams" facility, which we already paid for with the promise we could "use it for community events" without pinching pennies and shaking down the citizens with a number of small but annoying "admission fees?"

I don't know but happy 3rd of July! Let freedom make a noise sort of like ringing!


  1. Thank you for your kind comments on the July celebration we have in Lathrop. Actually Joe, Lathrop celebrates its birthday of cityhood on July 1st. With the continued dedication from citizen volunteers and city staff, We have been able to not only provide hotdogs, but as well cold watermelon, cakes and cupcakes and beverages and water for all that attend. Most all of the food has been donated by clubs, private citizens, developers and local companies. We cap off the night with a patriotic display of fireworks that would challenge any surrounding city.Jim Monty from MLFD put the show on in years past and did a great job!
    It is truly amazing to see this community come together for this event. I think it is an example for all smaller communities to come together for a common cause.....include your children and seniors......everyone joins in and everyone really is a spectacle to behold.....I have friends from as far away as Alaska that still comment on their visit one year at our celebration.....they said they felt as though they were in "Mayberry" or somewhere like that!.....
    Bring your camera and be a part of our celebration this year prepared to capture many smiles of of them just might be yours!!!
    Stop by the BBQ's and say Hello!
    I wish we could treat each other this way every day in Lathrop.......
    Dan Mac Neilage

  2. Joe,
    Forget about my previous invitation for free food at our July First celebration in Lathrop....The "eats" portion of the celebration has been axed!
    How sad!
    Dan Mac Neilage

  3. Darn! Someone owes me a hot dog!