Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Day!

I wasn’t going to come out with any “recommendations” this year.  I didn’t feel like gumming up the political process too much.  But I can’t resist at least saying where I’m leaning on election day:

For Mayor of Manteca, Carlon Perry is the obvious choice.  We are also electing two councilmen:  I’d go with Richard Behling, he seems like a smart guy who understands some deep concepts about the role of government.  And for the other council position – I have no idea, name your poison.

For Governor of California, Meg Whitman and for senator Carly Fiorina.  At least they created at least one job in their lives, which is more than Brown or Boxer have done.

There’s a bunch more candidates.  But no stand outs so you might as well let your parakeet peck at the sample ballot and pick one.  Or – NONE.  Yes, you can pick “none.”  You just don’t vote for those.  It will count as an “undervote” but the rest of the ballot will count.  There’s no requirement to vote for every single office or every single ballot measure if you don’t know which to pick.  Check with election officials if you don’t believe me.

So far as propositions:  Prop 19 is a step in the right direction – just in terms of “harm reduction” regardless if you believe using marijuana is good or bad.  No one will make you “smoke pot” and if there are those that say it helps them, what do I care?  Get the government out of this equation.

I’m still analyzing some of the others.  Here, rather than spoon feed you the proposition numbers and a “yes/no” I’ll just spout a few principles to keep in mind.

There’s a proposition on suspending AB32, the “Global Warming®” law.  That’s a no brainer – of course yes, suspend it.  In this economy?  And the whole fear of global Al Goreism is way overblown.  Way.

Currently, the legislature has to agree on a budget with a 2/3 vote.  We want that.  I don’t care how late the budget is.  If you lower that to simple majority, that will just make it “easier” to spend your money on a budget that’s not so agreeable.  Also, if you cut the legislators’ pay if the budget is late – you’ll get a budget on time even if it’s the worst budget on earth.

Lets see what else there is… this ballot looks like the SAT…..

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