Thursday, June 19, 2008

Manteca turns 90!

Manteca was incorporated 1918 -- 90 years ago. Manteca city officials had a small party at the "Civic center" government compound.

Highlights include persons more than 90 years of age getting certificates. A short interview with a fellow named Bologna (named after the city not the sandwich, as he explained). He and a friend are looking for their names on a photograph of a wall showing veterans of the 2nd World War. Notice when I ask "what did they call you in the army?" You can almost see the thoughts of far away places well up when he answers. Also included is the music and refreshment served and some of the displays of historic items. Lastly, included is a rare and personal interview with the City Clerk of Manteca about how her family travelled to and settled in the California's central valley. Even her father chimes in, it's like an oral history!

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